Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Luis: An Inspiration

I think the most significant "takeaway" from the video, Digital Youth Project: Luis, is the amount of opportunities for students that has risen due to technology. Luis came from a family that didn't know much about technology. His mother said the closest thing to technology that she uses is the ATM. He has been given some really great opportunities to do something that he loves and he not only takes advantage of the opportunity but he shares it with others. I think that it is so great that he is doing so much to improve and help out his community. He shows great leadership capabilities and I believe will go far.

I am definitely grateful for all the opportunities that has been given to me. I love technology and probably couldn't get through the day without it. I use my phone as my alarm clock. I stay connected with friends and family through Facebook. When I go to work I am on a computer from start to finish. I check my email everyday. I use online bill pay. My parents are just now, within the last few years, getting familiar with technology. I was excited when my dad joined Facebook. He tells me all the time how he wished that he had all the great technological tools when he was in school that are available today. He now shows me good videos that he has found on YouTube. I am so glad that even more learning opportunities have come about in the classroom when it comes to technology.

It is so important to share knowledge. As a teacher-to-be I want to provide my students with all the opportunities I can for advancement in technology. Technology is in our present and definitely in our future. I want them to feel like they were given some great learning tools that they can share with others. I know that I still have a lot to learn about technology that is available and will continue to learn as technology grows.

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