Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Class gone totally technology!

When I watched the video "A Peek for a Week in a Kiwi Junior Classroom" I was amazed at how much this teacher has integrated technology into her classroom. For everything they do and every lesson she is teaching she has come up with a tech savvy method of learning. They even use technology to integrate physical activity and body movement into the classroom! I was absolutely floored at how much they do in their classrooms with computers and the white board. I can't imagine how technologically smart these kids will be if they continue this path.

When I was the same age as these children there wasn't even a computer class available to me. Now there are computers in almost every classroom in the school that I attended. I am just now learning to use a white board and these children look as though they have just about mastered it. I am so glad that we have willing teachers that want our children to learn to utilize the tools available to them for learning. I am a very visual, hands on learner and I wish I would have had some of the technology available today for me when I was learning to read, do multiplication, or whatever.

I believe this teacher is a teacher to look up to when it comes to integrating technology. I wonder does she teach a crash course in technology that the students will learn to use for the parents?... :D I am glad that there is so much more technology available for teachers to utilize now. I want to do everything that I can to help children learn. I only hope that when I am a teacher I have the tools that she had for her classroom accessible for mine.

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  1. It is amazing how creative some of these teachers are at incorperating all of these new tools to help their students learn. I can only hope to be this creative.