Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2nd Life

I watched the video Orientation in Second Life and am not really sure there was a good "take away" for me. It was a monotoned video so it made it hard to follow for me. I am sure that if I had an avatar then it would have made more since to me. I know that they are looking for ways to make using second life more user friendly for students.

As I said earlier I am not familiar with second life or using avatars. I have learned a bunch already about benefits of using a avatar for students but I have not created one. It looks cool but it seems like a lot of work. Unless I needed to use second life for school then I probably wouldn't.

This video opens my eyes to technology that is available and how much it has grown even in just the last few years. I want to be familiar with the technology that my future students are interested in and hopefully find ways to integrate it with my lessons.

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  1. I didn't have you watch this to necessarily say SL is appropriate for everyone to use personally or with students. I think it's important to know about virtual worlds, however, and what's being done now because things are just going to get more advanced. Open Sim - Open Learning is a preso that gives more info about a non-SL example of a virtual world environment.