Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Use of Apps

The video "The Wizard of Apps" is extremely informational. My biggest "takeaway" from it is that there are so many tools online that are free to help you be safe, research, be creative, and collaborate. This video although extremely long shows you many websites to use. Research is difficult to me using the Internet because you never know which websites to use. This video gave plenty of helpful hints when doing research.

Like I was saying about doing research on a certain topic I am shy about using many websites. I want to make sure that they are providing the right information that I am looking for. Also, safety is important to me. I use online social networking and need to be careful. I should always be aware of what I am sharing and who I am sharing it with.

I know it is important to teach technology to students, but when we do this I also know that teaching them about safety when using technology is just as important. We need to show them the proper skills to utilize. If I were taught some of these things a long time ago it would have made some things much easier.

I used to search my name. I wasn't able to find out anything using my merried name but I found my old address and current address and picture of where I am currently living under my maiden name. None of my online social networking sites were listed or my email address. I also didn't find any pictures of me. Other information that was provided wasn't correct. They did have my zodiac sign correct but that was about all. I must be doing okay at keeping my information somewhat private.


  1. I agree with you that the information is out there you just have to look for it. I also did the same thing after watching this video. I went to and I wish that when I was in school someone would have taught me about safety. This video was great at showing kids how to find information , correct information and how to use it.

  2. So glad you both learned some good things from Joyce. I agree talking about and teaching about Internet Safety is SO important, and many teachers just ignore it.