Monday, March 22, 2010

Sam I Am Digitally Savvy

The video Digital Youth Portrait: Sam was amazing. I say it is amazing because she has so many technological opportunities available to her and she utilizes them. I wish that I had some of the same opportunities when I was 13. I am glad that we have them now for students to use the make learning easier or more interesting. I love how Sam used the digital piano to learn new songs and better her piano skills.

I can't imagine my life today without some of the technology that wasn't available to me when I was a kid. With online social networking I am able to keep up with my friends that live very far away or people that I graduated with that I wouldn't necessarily pick up the phone and call. I am able to use my cell phone to text and talk to people almost at anytime or anywhere. But no texting while driving. :O) I can use an avatar instead of a real picture of myself for online sites that I use. I am also able to collaborate on projects with peers using Google Docs.

I want the students in my future classes to know what is available to them and how it can make learning interesting and at times easier. I want them to see technology as a tool that they should be familiar with because the sky is the limit. I want to make sure that they also know safety procedures when using the Internet.

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  1. Great blog post! You did a good job of covering all the various social media applications out there today. It's scary how much we take these things for granted despite the fact that they've only been around for such a short time. God knows what everyone will be using five years from now...